Daniel Nix

June 2, 2015

I was reversing a transaction that I had done only two years earlier: paying off a vacation home loan and obtaining a small loan (relative to the appraised value of my primary residence). Before working with Peter Khoury I had been in the abyss of the typical lender’s paperwork pit, and answering countless questions about my tax returns (I have excellent credit) from people who wouldn’t know the answer from the question. One lender lost my paperwork, and I just quit in disgust with the second, because this was a transaction that I didn’t need to do for financial reasons.

Peter was so remarkably different that I kept expecting a change. He continued to be remarkably different: he addressed the lender’s questions; he explained the answers; he acted as a reasonable interface to ensure that only requests that made a material difference were sent to me.

I have never had such a reasonable and actually painless loan experience. I recommended Peter to a friend who was refinancing his home, and he gave Peter the same positive evaluation that I am giving him.

Without reservation I would do business again with Peter Khoury.